CB2: Simplicity at a Great Price

I love a great looking glass that transcends all occasions. I bought these CB2 Marta glasses about a year ago and love them. They are delicate, classic and modern all in one. And the capper is that they are only $1.95 each (!!!) so if you break one - no sweat! So bring out your bestest looking glasses for a party without stressing about guests breaking them. I have yet to break one though...I may have just jinxed myself.

I currently have the Double Old-Fashioned, but I may order the Cooler as well. Drinks look fabulous in them no matter what the libation or festivity. Just be sure to have a coaster on hand. They tend to sweat with really cold drinks because they are so thin.

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CML Wife said...

I've been looking for simple but elegant looking glasses for awhile and really like these! Thanks for sharing your recommendation -- I'll have to check them out.