Fringe Studios: A Little Bit of Whimsy

These trays have been popping up in a multitude of boutique stores of late and there is an endless array of designs. They are by Fringe Studios and are pretty economical compared to some other similar ones out there. They are made of glass with a screen-print underneath and simply whimsical in design. I like things that can swing modern to traditional and these do just that.

I bought the long rectangular version of the tray you see above when visiting my sister-in-law in Fort Collins, CO. They are just the ticket to hold little trinkets on your nightstand or dresser. I have mine beside my bed and it holds a small bottle of perfume, earrings and some emergency chapstick. And they make great gifts too!

You can find them in many places in Seattle (Liberty 123, Kirkland) if you are a local, or there are just a few of the designs online at: http://store.heliotropehome.com/fringestudio.html.


Anonymous said...

I've seen some Fringe Studio Designs like these at Bisou Boutique too!
Looks like they are expanding the collection!

Anne said...

Just found your blog as I was browsing for bird stuff... I love your taste! If you like birds, you may enjoy visiting my blog... cheers! Anne

Jessica said...

Thanks for the comment! I love birds as well. Hopefully I will get back to blogging more after my little one is born and I have more energy!