Oly Studios: Stylish and Comfortable - is it Possible?

My husband built our house and it has pretty much been a blank slate since we got married a year and a half ago. He did a more than amazing job and I am truly a lucky girl to have such a beautiful canvas to create a home for us. With that said, I have been slowly adding to our furniture collection (which is no small task) and the latest and greatest is our Oly Studio chairs that just arrived a week or so ago. I have admired Oly furniture for a while now and am excited that I have a few of their pieces.

If you are like me and have a harder time making a furniture decision for yourself than for others, then you know how long I mulled over finding a pair of chairs that are just right for our living room. I bit the bullet and went with the Oly Sienna chair as you see above. My only worry was that I was never able to see them or sit in them in person before ordering - eeck!! What if they weren't comfortable?! Well, 12 weeks and a fat bill later, they arrived for the big reveal. And I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with them. And the major bonus? They are VERY comfortable too! I was also worried about getting them in slate grey leather (not so conventional), but it proved to be a good choice with the grey stone of the hearth already in place. Phew! And I am so pleased how the yellow tone of the nailheads pulls out the yellow linen color of the sofa. Oh, and you may recognize the yellow pillow on the chair is the new Dwell for Target line. Such a great price!

Hopefully I will be able to write about other Oly products in the future. I just love almost everything they offer! If you are interested in getting any of their products, contact me and I can get you pricing and availability.

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