Branching Out: Branch Curtain Rod

I feel like I have been saying this frequently lately, but it has been a while since my last post. With the holidays and the baby just around the corner, I feel like I either haven't had the time or the will to keep up with new posts. I am now on my maternity leave and in the waiting game so I really shouldn't have an excuse at least for a few days until the little one arrives.

I have pretty much finished her nursery and am just thrilled with it, but I am refraining to post pictures of it in it's entirety until my husband finishes the shelves that are to go above her chalkboard/desk area. He has been promising to do it for weeks now, but I have a hunch that he procrastinating because he doesn't want to put holes in the wallpaper. That aside, now on to my original reason to be posting.

I wrote a while back about a company that sells all kinds of branches and loved their stuff, but was disappointed that I had to buy five branches when I just needed the one. My husband is the master at finding anything online and so he found a random florist in Wisconsin that would send us a white birch branch at any length and pick the straightest one they had for $25. Not too shabby for a curtain rod. When it arrived in the mail, it was perfect (see above). I love the extra little unexpected touch that the branch brings to her nursery as well as the warmth. I found the linen textured curtains for a song at Cost Plus World Market for just $15 a panel. A steal!! I have a lot of favorite elements to her room, but I hope you like this one as much as I do! More to come!


Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger: Rockin' Baby

I have been hesitant to purchase all of the baby items and paraphernalia out there just because others say "you must have this". Partly because I know that all these things haven't been around forever and somehow our parents seemed to manage without, and also, a lot of the baby gear these days is motorized and doesn't allow baby's to figure things out for themselves or do things for themselves. With that said, one thing I did decide I wanted to have for our baby was a rocker or a lounger to be able to free up my hands for a few while I am in the kitchen cooking, but still have her near by. We ordered the Coco Stylewood baby Lounger by Bloom and it arrive in the mail last week. It's beautiful!

During my bouncer search I was again disappointed by the choices out there because of all the self motorized rocking. I came across a few that fit the bill, but my favorite by far was the Coco lounger. It's beautiful enough to leave in our living room even when your baby is not rockin' out in their stylish lounger. We got ours from Babystyle (30% off thank goodness) in the henna brown and natural, but for more color options, you can find them at Baby Geared.


Viva Terra: A Little Bird Told Me

These bird vases are just too sweet. I was lucky enough to stumble across them on a recent trip to Victoria BC at a local garden store (I can't remember the name) just before the holiday season and picked up a few as gifts for friends. But for those not around Victoria, I have seen them on the Viva Terra website for some time and have always been tempted to order them. They are a nice little gift for that special someone.