Peacoat from Oliver + S

It took me a while to remember to put Viv's coat on and take a picture and now I remember why I procrastinated. It is so hard to get her to sit still! At any rate, here is the winter coat my mother-in-law made for her and she wore it ALL winter long. She did an amazing job and Viv got comments on it where ever we went. The pattern is from Oliver + S. The only modifications my MIL made were adding a little length to the body, shortening the sleeves (oddly long) and then adding a soft flannel paisley lining.

It is so hard to find classically tailored clothing for little people these days. Sometimes I wish I lived in Europe...just one of many reasons ;) She now has a spring version in camel with a sweet cotton lining of little birds in trees and shell colored buttons and wears it all the time. That is the one thing about patterns - you can just make the next size up when your child grows out of the last.


Berry Cool!: Jayson Home and Garden

Sorry, I missed posting last week. It got away from me and I hadn't been inspired until...I thought these were the coolest thing when I saw them in a magazine! These farmers market baskets from Jayson Home and Garden are perfect for the upcoming berry season. Why not display them on your counter for guests to nibble on in these uber cool baskets that are reusable? They somehow look vintage and modern all in the same vibe don't they? That's always a selling point for me! Hmmm...Mother's Day is coming up ;)


Velvet & Tweed

I don't know about you, but I find most of the clothing for little peeps out there...well...less than desirable. It is so hard to find simple yet sweet clothing for little ones these days and so I am always on the look out. You pretty much have to make them yourself if you want classic childrens clothing in quality fabrics...that's if (big if) you can find a decent pattern and fabric to create such a thing. My mother-in-law made a grey wool peacoat for my daughter this winter. It has been the best coat to wear with anything and everything and she reminds me of a little european baby. It's getting too warm to wear it now, but she has the spring version already made and ready to wear! I'll take a picture of my daughter modeling her coat and post in the next day or two, so check back for a peak.

Velvet and Tweed is an exception however, and creates sweet little clothing that is sophisticated, yet innocent. And if they don't use the absolute cutest models - geesh they are cute little peeps! Currently in Washington there aren't any retailers that carry their wears, but hopefully one day there will be. But keep an eye out on the Mini Social. I have seen them on there occasionally.


Dresser Found!: Ikea...Really?

It is late in the week for me to get to my blog, but I think all of my procrastinating worked out for a reason. I took a trip down to Ikea yesterday for the first time in a long time to look for some basic and inexpensive curtains. And when I say a trip, for me, I have to be in the right mind-set to endure Ikea. It was a rainy afternoon and I had exhausted most of my normal outings I do with my daughter earlier in the week so I thought, let's give it a go.

One of the first few turns along the Ikea subliminal shopping pathway they keep you on, I stumbled upon the Edland dresser that was surprisingly not Ikea-like. It was more traditional in form and painted wood (pine mind you)...not Formica! It got me to thinking that it could work in my bathroom since it was a smaller scaled piece and I wanted either a grey or weathered wood chest for in there. And here is the kicker - $200! Well, you can't beat that! I wasn't however, disillusioned that this is an Ikea piece and won't stand the test of time or be handed down to my grandchildren's grandchildren. Never-the-less, it fit the bill and will serve it's purpose and look good doing so for several years down the road. I was desperately needing something to get all of our toiletries out of the baskets in the open vanity and away from my daughters little fingers. And this will hold me over until I find that "perfect" dresser.

When I got it home and my husband put it together (yes, Ikea is not white gloved delivered or assembled as we all know), it fit perfectly and is less than 20" in depth. I did however, change out the pulls with some mercury glass knobs from Anthropologie (who, by the way, have a fantastic selection of vintagey knobs and pulls). I think they add a bit of extra character and individuality. I guess it was meant-to-be stumbling upon something shortly after blogging (see here) about my long lasting search for a dresser in our master bath.

Oh, and I did find some great basic linen curtains for a song. I will have to modify those too so stay tuned!