Chest of Drawers: So Many to Chose From!

I have been on a quest for the last year or so to find an antique inspired chest for our master bathroom. We have an open walnut vanity with modern lines, marble counter tops and antique silver framed mirrors. Currently I have baskets below the sink storing all of my beauty products. I intend for the baskets to stay there, but instead house some more appealing sea sponges, nicely folded towels, etc. Not my red hair drier and toothpaste tube - gross!

So I have been looking feverishly, but without much success {sigh}. Don't get me wrong, I have found more than a few wonderful chests that make my heart flutter a tad, but there has been something slightly off that doesn't make it the perfect fit for my space. And that "something" is usually the dimensions. I need something farely shallow so it doesn't jut out too much and not too long so it isn't overbearing for the space. Most dressers are around 20" in depth. If I absolutely can't find something more shallow, then I may have to compromise, but for now I will continue my search. At any rate, I thought I would share my favorite findings with you all and hopefully one of these will be perfect for your home. Also, when you have a moment, Design Sponge posted a great search on chests back in 2008 that have even more fantastic options.

French Director Chest: Wisteria
Georgeous chest I would covet to have in my bathroom...if it fit :(

Director Chest: Wisteria
LOVE this chest as well and the rustic finish with formal lines!!! Again it's too wide. Ugh! Wisteria has an amazing selection of chests so check out their site for even more options.

Demilune Console: Wisteria
This is a unique option for a chest. I like the idea of placing this piece some place other than the expected entry way. The curved lines make it seem like it's taking up less space.

Carnegie Side Table: Jayson Home and Garden
A dresser with some serious presence, but without taking itself too seriously given it's rustic edge.

Jacqui Chest: Bungalow 5
Lovely little chest. I have this one in my daughters nursery. It comes in several other colors as well.

Marais Console: Ballard Design
This console/chest comes in tuscan brown as well and is perfect for a smaller space. I like this one, but think I need a few more drawers for my purposes.

Jackson Low Chest: Oly Studios
I adore this chest, but it's a little too wide for my space

Polo Chest: Bungalow 5
This one is fantastic if you want to bring a casual plantation vibe to your home.

Isabella Chest: Bungalow 5
This one comes in several colors and is a sweet modern take on a traditional chest.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the two from Bungalow 5 and the one from Oly Studios are my fav. So unexpected and different!