Design Tip: Book Smarts

I think books are fantastic. Not only for the information and adventures they hold, but for the visual effect they provide a home as well. I can't say I read as much as I should, but I still love to have books around, especially coffee table books with great photographs and art. One thing I use them for on occasion is for a simple prop or decor element.

I miss those days when books had the classic bound look, and when all lined up on a shelf, they looked massive and stunning. To find books like that these days, you have to either take the jackets off and hope it isn't a horrid fabric bound cover underneath, cover them yourself (maybe some day when I am retired and have nothing better to do), or go to the second hand book store and purchase some old classics on the cheap. I have done this option several times and intend to go back for more for other areas in my home as I need space fillers. In this photo, I wanted an object with some mass and presence, but also wanted to avoid a cluttered look with too many objects. So I went to our local Half Price Books and bought some old italian art books that also had a jacket covering that would suite my living room. One thing I suggest keeping in mind when picking out books, is keep it relevant to a topic you find interesting. If someone does happen to read the spine and it says "Historical Hunting in America", I think my friends and family would know right away they were staged...I'm a vegetarian.

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