Sweet Little Birds Nest

I can't believe tomorrow is spring and Easter is right around the corner. As always, it snuck up on me and I haven't put out my Easter tree as my one and only Easter decoration. Hopefully this weekend. I did however, find this sweet little nest with two eggs nestled in the middle when I was at the garden store yesterday. I couldn't resist putting it in my ever revolving glass urn I keep on the dining room table. The urn is my staple centerpiece that I change out the decor inside from season to season. My rocks with a cream candle in the center are the anchor for most of the year, but Easter, fall and Christmas are when it gets a face lift. I love not having to put too much thought in to a centerpiece and being able to change it with minimal effort when I feel like it.

Enjoy the sun and beautiful spring flowers popping up everywhere. It sure felt like spring in this part of the country today!

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