DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard

When designing the nursery, the room already had a niche in the wall meant to have a built in desk. My husband built a simple white desk with floating cabinets on either side. I wanted to use the space to it's fullest and so I thought about creating a pin board for the backsplash. Then as the thought process evolved we thought of placing a chalkboard there instead as long as it was magnetic so you can place photos or whatever little girls like to display.

It was a simple solution and to help guide us along, I found this guideline from good ol' Martha Stewart. We found some metal from the local metal yard and they cut it to size. Then with a little chalkboard spray paint we had a custom backsplash that is both functional and adds some contrast to the all white desk. When our little tike gets older she will be able to place all her treasured memories and photos there as well as draw and write messages.