Velvet & Tweed

I don't know about you, but I find most of the clothing for little peeps out there...well...less than desirable. It is so hard to find simple yet sweet clothing for little ones these days and so I am always on the look out. You pretty much have to make them yourself if you want classic childrens clothing in quality fabrics...that's if (big if) you can find a decent pattern and fabric to create such a thing. My mother-in-law made a grey wool peacoat for my daughter this winter. It has been the best coat to wear with anything and everything and she reminds me of a little european baby. It's getting too warm to wear it now, but she has the spring version already made and ready to wear! I'll take a picture of my daughter modeling her coat and post in the next day or two, so check back for a peak.

Velvet and Tweed is an exception however, and creates sweet little clothing that is sophisticated, yet innocent. And if they don't use the absolute cutest models - geesh they are cute little peeps! Currently in Washington there aren't any retailers that carry their wears, but hopefully one day there will be. But keep an eye out on the Mini Social. I have seen them on there occasionally.

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