Peacoat from Oliver + S

It took me a while to remember to put Viv's coat on and take a picture and now I remember why I procrastinated. It is so hard to get her to sit still! At any rate, here is the winter coat my mother-in-law made for her and she wore it ALL winter long. She did an amazing job and Viv got comments on it where ever we went. The pattern is from Oliver + S. The only modifications my MIL made were adding a little length to the body, shortening the sleeves (oddly long) and then adding a soft flannel paisley lining.

It is so hard to find classically tailored clothing for little people these days. Sometimes I wish I lived in Europe...just one of many reasons ;) She now has a spring version in camel with a sweet cotton lining of little birds in trees and shell colored buttons and wears it all the time. That is the one thing about patterns - you can just make the next size up when your child grows out of the last.

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Anonymous said...

that is so darling. My poor mom is going to have to do so much sewing when I have a kid :-)

Your daughter is striking!