Coco Stylewood Baby Lounger: Rockin' Baby

I have been hesitant to purchase all of the baby items and paraphernalia out there just because others say "you must have this". Partly because I know that all these things haven't been around forever and somehow our parents seemed to manage without, and also, a lot of the baby gear these days is motorized and doesn't allow baby's to figure things out for themselves or do things for themselves. With that said, one thing I did decide I wanted to have for our baby was a rocker or a lounger to be able to free up my hands for a few while I am in the kitchen cooking, but still have her near by. We ordered the Coco Stylewood baby Lounger by Bloom and it arrive in the mail last week. It's beautiful!

During my bouncer search I was again disappointed by the choices out there because of all the self motorized rocking. I came across a few that fit the bill, but my favorite by far was the Coco lounger. It's beautiful enough to leave in our living room even when your baby is not rockin' out in their stylish lounger. We got ours from Babystyle (30% off thank goodness) in the henna brown and natural, but for more color options, you can find them at Baby Geared.

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