Lights Up! by Thomas Paul: Let There be Light

Along with our master bathroom we need to finish up, we also have our closet that is waiting in queue to be completed. The concept is in place and ready to be started, but there is the little teeny tiny issue of budget...in due time. So in the mean time, I have been looking for the perfect accessories to go along with the over all look we have decided on. The floor is a dark walnut and the shelving will be wood stained in a slate/blue-grey. I saw a picture in Domino magazine I fell in love with and inspired our soon-to-be closet.

Right now we have a pair of basic pendant glass dome lights hanging, and they look...well...you know what those lights look like!! Need I say more? So I have been scouting out some fabric shades to replace them. I have been admiring these smartly patterned Meridian pendants from Lights Up! at 2 Modern designed by Thomas Fernez and Thomas Paul (Check out his site - it's pretty cool! And I love his pillows!). I am debating between the kimono and black mum silk patterns. I may end up going with the plain linen, but I am at least trying to entertain the idea of a pattern. Props for that, no? Any thoughts on which way I should go?

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