Dream Bathroom...Almost!

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are still working on finishing our house and one of the major things we need check off the list is our master bathroom. It is soooo close right now I can almost feel the first bath in our jacuzzi tub! The photo above is the open vanity with mirrors and light fixtures. You can also see in the reflection of the mirror, the chandelier above the bathtub - very decadent, but where else can you put a crystal chandelier and not be over the top I ask?!

Right now we are just waiting on the shower glass doors and then my husband and father-and-law are going to build an armiore that will be off to the left of this photo. Once complete, this will be my dream bathroom. I've never had a bathroom off of my room before, so this is a huge graduation for me! The bathtub is a heated jacuzzi tub for two with a marble counter and a walnut framed casing. The matching walnut vanity we chose to be open for pure aesthetics, but to compensate for the lack of storage, we will have the armoire I mentioned.

I can't wait to share more photos when it is complete. So far, the mix of neutral shades and scale of tiles in limestone, marble and porcelain has interplaid perfectly. And I think the addition of the Armoire and finishing touches of the bath mats will complete the look.

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