Bella Muse: Sweet Nothings

I have the glicee print you see above in my guest bathroom from Bella Muse. They sell mostly wonderfully fanciful and simple greeting cards. Also on their site, they have some screen and glicee prints for sale. Such a reasonable way to display artwork around the house. I personally am a lover of art, but hate to pay the price for good "original" art. I secretly think I can just paint it myself, but I know I have elevated my artist status in my head. With that mindset, I have a difficult time filling my walls. I don't believe you need to pay out the yahoo to decorate your home. So I try to find creative and economical alternatives.

I purchased the Bella Muse 8x10 print for $35 and then bought an off white frame from Pottery Barn for...I think another 20 or so dollars. Not too shabby! So sweet and in the now. And if it goes out of style or no longer fits my ever evolving style, I won't be regretting purchasing a several hundred or thousand dollar piece.

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