Bambu: Long Live the Spork!

Remember the spork from the school cafeteria and KFC? They have always been the butt of a joke, but I say they make a comeback, but not just any comeback, one with flare, and yes, one that's green! Here's the rundown of Bambu's sporkness:
- Certified Organic
- Made of 100% organically grown bamboo
- FDA approved food-safe - No bleaches or dyes
- After disposal, biodegrades in 4-6 months

I used these along with their small plates for a party and they were a big hit. How can you not have fun eating your food when you are using a spork?! They look stylish and you don't have to feel guilty about choosing convenience over doing the dishes. I have been able to find them more and more at places like Sur La Table and Amazon.com

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Anonymous said...

I love these! I have to get some for summer cook-outs. I love Seattle. What a wonderful place to live. :)