Mepra: Good Silver Without the Polish

I saw this silver while out at a restaurant several years back in downtown Seattle. After looking on the back of the fork, we found that they were made by Mepra in Italy. Well, if it's Italian it must be good design, right?! I had remembered it ever since and knew that I wanted it for my good silver when the time came.

We recently ordered a set of 12 of the Natura and their lines are just beautiful. The handles have a good weight and girth to them which is important when picking out silverware. You want something that feels good in your hand. Nothing wimpy or flimsy. And my favorite thing of all is they are stainless steel so you don't ever have to polish them! I remember my childhood days when my mom ordered (yes I say "ordered" - it wasn't voluntary for sure!) me to polish the silverware and I hated it! So as an adult, I have vowed never to polish silver...well, except for a few pieces handed down from my grandparents. But for nostalgia reasons, it's worth it.

Mepra carries a vast variety of styles to suite any one's tastes and you know they are going to stand the test of time. My personal favorite of course, is the Natura because of it's beautiful and simple lines. Oh how they sparkle under the light!

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Steve Lodefink said...

We admired the same weighty handles and nice curves, and purchased a set ourselves.

Unfortunately, the weight of the handle adn the nice curved profile conspired to create one annoying problem.

The damned things tend to slide right off the plate and crash onto the floor when you are carrying a plate. Either that, or the fork handle will slide right into the food from its perch on the edge of a plate at the slightest disturbance.