Velocity Art & Design: Get into Character

I believe every home needs a twist of humor - something to keep people curious and surprised. My personal style tends to lean towards the serious side, but I like to throw in an element here or there that is unexpected and makes someone smile when they see it. How can you not smile when you look into a mirror with antlers?! When we get to furnishing our guest rooms, I am going to hang this silly Antler Self Portrait Mirror from Velocity Art and Design (much to my husband's dismay). If antler's aren't just your thing, they have a pearl necklace or a sweet little song bird perched on your shoulder.


Anonymous said...

I am also a big fan of Velocity Art and Design and would appreciate your expert feedback on a chair I would like to buy. It is the Ted Chair by G. Romano - in Type 44 Lineato Reef and they have it on display (in the color I want) in their showroom. I would like to place it in the same room as my Natuzzi (chocolate brown leather) Minima sofa. Thoughts?

btw - I like your blog!

Jessica said...

I really like that chair - classic lines with a hint of retro thrown in. And if it's in that nubby type fabric in the photo, that will be a nice textural contrast with the leather sofa. It is more modern and your sofa is modern, so if that's the direction you like, then I say it's a good pick!