Korres Skin Care: The Greeks Did it Again

Now that the sun is starting come to out (theoretically in Seattle anyway), it's time to hydrate that skin and give your gams a healthy glow. My husband and I are in to finding natural, chemical free products. We try to forgo the standard chemical laden products as much as we can so I am on the constant hunt for natural products that still deliver results - this is no easy task! We have found that even the ones that claim to be organic truly are not - ugh! Such liars!

At any rate, I came across this brand, Korres, at Whole Foods a while back and have been loving their body butters...and the bonus? You can actually read AND understand all of the ingredients!! I use the body butter as an every day hand lotion since I have pretty dry skin to begin with, and they make my skin feel so soft and delish!!. My favorite scents have been the Yogurt (I keep this one on my desk) and the Guava (I have this in a travel size for my purse). Be sure to read the ingredients on their other products however. Just because one product of a natural product line is free of the "bad stuff", this does not mean that their entire line is free of them. I have learned the hard way and dropped some cash thinking I was getting an organic product. A rule of thumb is: if you don't know what the ingredient is or can't pronounce it, it probably is a chemical of some sort.

You can find Korres at Sephora, Nordstrom and as I mentioned above, Whole Foods.

As a side note, when I brought the Korres lotion home, my husband gave the instant stamp of approval since he is greek to the nth degree and believes that the greeks pretty much invented...well everything ;)

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