So I have been wanting to create a blog for several years now way before there was an over saturation of them. My only glitch has been waiting for my beyond tech savvy husband to create one for me (yeah right!). If you have any in-cling of tech in you, you should check his out at mavromatic.com. At any rate, I got tired of waiting for him to create a site for me and just decided to find my own way of going about it. And here I am.

To give you a little background on myself, I am an interior designer wanna be and hopefully some day I will become one. For now I am a graphic designer and simply lust after all things home and tinker with designing my own home with my husband. I am a nester at heart so if it has anything to do with home furnishings, home care, cooking and baking, or even beauty, I am a sucker. I wanted to share some of the things I find and think are cool and hopefully others will join in and share their ideas. I do have to confess that this will be a challenge for me being in Seattle. For some reason, Seattle is not the hub of cool home decor stores or resources. Ugh! I would love a good flee market here. So I rely on other blogs, magazines, word of mouth and the occasional success of blind web surfing. I hope what I have to share is interesting to you. And if anything, this will be a therapeutic journal for me to jot all my findings down.

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Anonymous said...

I think I will be visiting your blog site fairly regularly if these are the types of tips and ideas you are planning to give, since I don't live where there is any good shopping and don't have the desire, time or know where to go to find "good finds" or "good bargains". Thanks for the tips and help! I look forward to more.