Beechers: More Cheese Please!

I think I have found heaven in a cheese. Granted this may not be hard to do because sometimes I wonder if heaven is cheese, but this one...simply YUM! I was eating at the Pomegranate in Redmond for lunch one day and veered off from my usual lunch order and got their mixed green salad to offset some of the other not-so-healthy choices that day. Thinking it might be like any other mixed green salad (usually good and dependable no matter what the restaurant), I took my first bite with a little bit of this and that on my fork and wow!!! This cheese was like nothing I'd had before, but was obviously a mild flavored goat cheese. It had a hint of honey with a velvety texture. An unusual pairing of sweet and savory, but with great success.

We asked our server what this amazing cheese was (something I rarely, if ever, do) and she said it was Beecher's Blank Slate Honey. So after lunch we headed directly over to Whole Foods to find some of our own. It's $6 for one container, but soooo worth the treat! To compliment the Blank Slate cheese, I got some rosemary, raisin and pecan crisp crackers and they are just the ticket. It's practically like having dessert, and who doesn't like dessert? I definitely recommend this cheese for a special treat for yourself or guests.

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