Get a Step on it!

If I had to pick one piece of furniture that is most indispensable, it would have to be these stools. I have placed these gems in almost every room of the house in the last several places I have lived. From apartment to house, they have found a home as my coffee table, end tables, at the foot of the bed, and now they live in the entry as a place to put your shoes on. They also can be tucked away under a console table and be pulled out for extra seating when guests are gathered around the living room, which I am sure mine will fulfill their duty there too some day.

I found these at random years ago at Ross (discount store)of all places for $15 each - what a steal! Little did I know then how functional these "little stools-that-could" would be. I don't think you can find these exact ones, but if you come across some stools/ottomans that can multi-function (such as leather cubes, metal, or wood), grab a pair!! And I recommend a pair. They look better in two's and have more purpose working as a team. So get a step on it!

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