Pantone: Color Your World

Choosing colors for your home can be mind boggling. You want to pick something that is interesting, but you don't want to be stuck with colors that you will find obnoxious as soon as that color is passé. I have used Pantone as a my color bible for my work as a graphic designer, but I have yet to dive in to their home and fashion products.

I was browsing their site today and found that they have lots of good tips for choosing colors for your home, how much paint you will need to paint a room, color trends, etc. Check out their section on color advice for inspiration. Granted, Pantone has lots of products that you most likely will never need, including their own line of paints (have no idea how these are, but if you have used them before I would love to hear what you think), but if you spend enough time navigating through their site, you can find lots of useful information on color. Also, check out this short video from the Pantone color trend specialist.

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