Design Tip: Designer Soaps on a Budget

We've all seen those beautifully packaged soaps that cost up to $15-$20 a bar. I love how they look, especially when they are grouped together in a glass vase in a bathroom. However, I just can't get myself to spend $100+ dollars on soap...that is just for decoration no less! So I came up with my own solution - buy some cheap basic bars of soap, buy some decorative paper at my local craft supply store and wrap them myself. I bought the soaps in a pack of two for $1.99 at Trader Joes, and then bought five sheets of patterned paper that I thought would look nice in our bathroom for about $1-$2 a sheet. After wrapping the soaps in the paper, I used some thin hemp twine as an extra decorative touch. And for around $15, I got some beautifully wrapped soaps customized to my very taste. Simple as that!

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