An Organized Home is a Happy Home

Organization may be boring to some, but to me I get a sense of satisfaction that all is well in life. And what is usually the most disorganized place in a home (aside from the garage!) but kitchen drawers. I have tried numerous drawer organizer options and they all work well enough, but they never fit the drawer just right. They are either too short by length or width and then shift around as you open and close the drawer.

We have some pretty wide kitchen drawers and several "junk" drawers. I can't stand the mess! So I tried out the custom drawer organizers at the Container Store to see if we could meet all our needs of storage in one drawer. And low and behold, I really like the product and intend to use it to organize the rest of our unsightly drawers. The beauty of the product is that you are not limited to the compartment sizes pre-molded in the ones already made. With some simple measuring and cutting the plastic strips with an exact-o knife, you can have the most beautifully organized drawer and be the envy of all your friends. And you will sleep peacefully at night knowing that pen and paper is right at hand in a moments notice.

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