Glass Panels: Functional and Art

We have had this hole in our stairwell for some time now and my little nieces have been very wary of going up our stairs - I don't blame them! This weekend, our hole has finally been filled. We spent a lot of time deciding at first if this glass (Onami art glass) was exactly what we wanted there. Would it look too chintzy, too busy, or block too much light? Well, after many a conversations, we decided to just go for it since there is only one guy in the world that does this type of glass. Then there was the long wait for production of course and then the long wait to get someone to install it. After much anticipation, it's exciting to see them finally up in the space and see how it alters the space we have become accustomed to.

I am really thrilled with the final outcome. All of our worries were for not. It lets in the perfect amount of light and still gives us some privacy from the park across the street and it's not too busy or chintzy. And it's been fun to see how the light plays off of the texture in different times of the day. Also, my husband welded brackets out of raw steel that ties in our metal banister he welded. It's like having an art installation that functions as part of the house.


Anonymous said...

It does look great. Nice work to both of you! Great brackets too...are those "custom"? Hopefully the installer(s) found the glass easy to install. :)

Anonymous said...

The glass was easily installed due in part to the simplicity and elegance of the bracket design and the competence of the installers, Innovative Glass of Kirkland, WA