Casa Candles: Easy on the Environment, Easy on the Sniffer

My girlfriends treated me to a day trip over to Bainbridge Island on Sunday for my birthday. We always try and pick something different to do for each of our birthdays and this year for mine, a ferry ride and poking around Bainbridge was a lovely treat. We didn't do much in the way of being active because of the heat so we stuck to what we know and do best: shopping and eating. Dangerous combination!

Bainbridge has a few cute shops worth visiting and one in particular, Grace & Co. Paperie had a wonderful selection cards and gifts. They also carry Casa soy candles made by Pure Living. Normally scented candles are either to sweet, too musky or too something for me. So I was surprised when sample sniffing the Casa line, that almost every scent I smelled I liked. And an added bonus is that they are made from soy, which burns cleaner for the environment and for you than the normal paraffin candles. I purchased the Yellow Jasmine Tea candle, but really had a hard time deciding. So if you can't have fresh cut flowers from the garden in your home, this might be the next best thing!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love these candles. I was doing a google search for them and came upon your blog, which is fantastic. :-)