Rose and Radish: Casting Light

A friend of mine asked me my opinion on adding a different style chandelier in her bathroom and would it be too weird that all the styles didn't match. My response was, "go for it!". Lighting should never be ignored or not have a say in the overall ambiance of the room. Quite frankly, isn't it the lighting we adjust to create a mood? So why shouldn't it's design add to the ambiance and not just the light it casts? Heck, I put a small crystal chandelier in our master bath. I am not usually the crystal kinda girl, but it just fits since the rest of the room is more masculine. Yin and Yang as they say.

It is getting easier these days to find some fun and interesting lighting sources...even IKEA has some great knock-offs for that matter. The pendants/chandeliers you see here are from Rose and Radish, a San Francisco based store that has some great earthy, yet urban goods. I am not saying that your chandelier should be a circus act, but something just a little different than the average Home Depot find. The ones above are beautifully crafted, interesting and yet not off the wall wacky. Worthy of a second look.

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