Mecox Gardens: Oasis in the Heat

This last weekend I was able to visit one of my favorite retail stores I have found online. Located on the Upper East Side of NYC on Lexington, Mecox Gardens was an oasis (literally given the 97 degree weather blistering outside) of beautiful home objects and furniture. I was expecting the store to be much larger, but I should have known since everything in NY seems to be on the miniature side...with the exception of their sense of fashion!

The store carries a lovely mix of old and new objects, all deserving of drooling over. I didn't pick anything up since I just blew a nice chuck of change on a new trench, but it was fun to see the store in person all the same. The woman working was also nice enough to lead us up to their hidden little hide away upstairs to a loft like room that displays even more of their beautiful goods and also holds their outdoor furniture and planters on a picturesque little terrace. I could have stayed there all day...and seriously wanted to with the air conditioning!!

If you are not fortunate enough to live in a city with one of their seven stores, their online selection is extensive and worth a browse. Their items are not on cheap side, but they are worth a special little treasure or even just a good window shop. Just look at that sweet settee upholstered in a soothing blue fabric. This particular one was in the NYC store and was absolutely adorable!

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