Coconut For Your Walls?

I was at the restaurant Parilla in NY (for all of those Top Chef fans out there, it's the restaurant from the season 1 winner Herold) for brunch last weekend and used the loo just before we were about to leave. The bathroom was an unexpected discovery! I had to do a double take at the walls. At first glance it looked like dark brown mosaic tile just like we have in our powder room I posted about earlier. Upon second glance and looking closer, it was actually coconut tiles! What a cool application to your walls and such a conversation piece! The shells take on a whole new texture and dimension when they are polished and formed in to small tiles. Very chic yet bohemian.

Oh, and please excuse my horrible pictures! All I had to take them with was my phone :( Plus I felt a little silly going back in to the bathroom taking photos.

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