DIY: Add Texture to Your Walls

I have been struggling over our bedroom for the last year or so. I like all of the elements individually, but all together they have felt a bit bland. Granted, we don't have all of our furniture yet so that in itself adds layers and textures. I adore my duvet cover with the graphic black and beige pattern from Dwell. I like the soft butter color of the walls and the mushroom colored silk drapes...but it just seems so...beigish.

I grappled over the idea of wallpapering the main wall behind our bed, but that seemed like too much commitment to a pattern I may or may not still like in a year. I also thought of painting it an accent color, but that didn't seem like the best fit either. Then - a ha! Put molding on the one wall to add visual interest and texture! I love it and can just imagine how a headboard, some art work and new darker lampshades will pop with that added layer. It took my husband about a day and a half to put it up and paint it all and he did a fabulous job. It cost us only around $100 for something that adds a ton of architectural interest...AND I didn't have to face my fear and commit to a pattern! ;) Life is good.

Also notice the ceiling. We put a medallion around the chandelier for that extra touch. It's those extra finishing touches that really make a room. I guess you could say that having furniture adds that "finishing touch" too. Baby steps, baby steps.


Anonymous said...

Wow Jess, it's like a whole other room! Lovely, just lovely. lc

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful...great job!
I am wondering where you got the chandelier from. I've been looking everywhere for it without any luck. Thanks

Jessica said...

We got it from West Elm years ago. They may still carry it since it's been a popular design with high-end and knock-offs. I think I have also seen it at Cost Plus too of all places.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help! I think they are opening West Elm in Toronto soon, so I'll definitely check there.