Target: Eco Friendly Sheets?

I wouldn't say this is the most thrilling of topics, but it's one that I have fought with for years. Sheets. Ugh. Sheets. I have had a long battle with finding the perfect sheets. I hate to spend money on them because to me, it's just one big flat of fabric and does not earn a $200+ price tag in my opinion. But yet, you go too cheap and they pill, shrink, the fitted sheet elastic busts on the second wash, or worse, they give you a rash! I have dropped some cash on higher-end (not too high-end) sheets only to find they come out of the wash shrunk up like an accordion...and I am sorry, but iron sheets??? No thank you!

Moving on (can you sense my frustration?). I debated over the Target sheets for some time. "Am I stooping to cheap?. Am I getting stingy?" However, once I saw they came out with bamboo sheets (really just 40% bamboo and 60% cotton, but I'll take it), I thought I'd give them a shot. And for $49, if they didn't work out, then I wouldn't be at a huge loss. I got the ivory set in a full for our guest room to try them out, and to be honest, I am quite happy. So much so, that I am bummed I spent more on the queen set for our room from another place at the same time and wish I went with the Target ones. I'll be getting a queen set too here shortly.

They are soft, have a nice weight (I like a thicker sheet), and if you pull them out of the dryer shortly after finishing, they really aren't all that wrinkled!! Now, they don't come in a huge array of colors, but I like basic cream sheets anyway...I used to like crisp white until I got married...they have never been the same since so I made the switch to cream. Need I say more? So for an economical and partially eco friendly dress for your bed, I say give the Target Bamboo sheets a try. But feel them first - everyone has their own version of the perfect sheet!

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