Art: Highs and Lows

Last summer, the Starbucks in UVillage near UW was featuring these art sculptures that were for sale. They were simple enough; silver painted driftwood mounted on a thin post and stand. I thought they were pleasing and a clever way to display nature. I thought to myself, "I could easily do that". And I was also curious to look at what they were selling for (I am never one to pass up a price tag!). Holy smokies!!! They were running for around $1,200 a pop??!! Are you kidding me?! After that, my husband and I would always have a chuckle every time we went in and saw those ridiculously priced pieces of art.

So last summer, we were on a weekend trip at the beach and decided to do our own interpretation of the silvered driftwood and collected a few pieces that we thought were interesting shapes. We came home, painted one of them silver that took all of about 2 minutes and voula! Insta art that cost...well nothing since we already had the paint. I decided not to mount it on a post since I found a nice little nook for it laying horizontal, but you never know, maybe some day I will.

Point being, be creative in reinterpreting art that you like. It's always within reach or in some cases, right on the beach.

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