Walnut: Not Your Grandmother's Wallpaper

I have been really curious and fascinated with wallpaper lately and have been trying to conceive a place to put some up in my own home. Wallpaper has changed drastically since it fell out of vogue in the 90's and new companies have emerged with some fun and updated designs. The patterns have become more playful, sophisticated and less stuffy...or tacky. Remember those pastel floral days? Or even better, the 80's paint splash days reminiscent of Saved by the Bell? The horror!

Walnut is one such company that caught my attention. The photo above is an example of one of their papers from their gallery online. I just think it would be so fun to have an illustrated forest in a room. Hmmm...maybe I could incorporate one of their papers in a guest room?? Or in a nook somewhere or in the back of some shelving maybe. I'll find a way! They offer an instant design impact with little effort and can create a mood to a room without alot of textural elements needed to be interesting.

Another site that I love for their papers, but mainly for their cool website is Cavern. Their site is interactive and fun to play with the different designs. I say we give wallpaper a second chance! But please - choose wisely!

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