Dr Hauschka: Au Natural

Now this isn't exactly design related, but I never said I would stay on track 100% of the time. When I find something I like - I must share!

Reluctantly I strayed away from using Proactiv as my primary skin care regimen. I say reluctant because I really do like what the product has done for my skin, but with the growing concern and hot topic of chemicals and toxins, I knew that Proactive was not on the "green" list nor any where near it. So after trying a few organic face washes out and not being entirely happy, I decided to try Dr. Hauschka's line after hearing great reviews about their products and how natural they truly are. I will say this though, I didn't try them at first because they are a little higher in price and I am kind of a cheap-skate when it comes to paying for beauty products...let's face it, I'd much rather spend my $ on a new home accessory or a new pair of shoes ;)

I have been using the Cleansing Milk face wash for about a month now and am really pleased. You can read all the ingredients, it has a nice mild scent, and it leaves my face feeling fresh. And even though I paid a little more, I am finding that it is lasting a long time. I now may even try out some of their other products. I recently reread the ingredients on my "natural/organic" toner and saw there are parabens in it - the nerve! So I must sadly move on.

You can purchase their products directly from their site (linked above), a local Whole Foods, Beautyhabit.com or a multitude of other stores in your local area will carry them as well.

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