Preserve Toothbrush: Naturally Appealing

Call me crazy, but I have actually stared at my toothbrush and not liked how it looked amongst the rest of my bathroom design. How insane is that?! I admit it openly...though within the comfort of my little blog. So yes, the little minutia of details run through my head and I would like to fix most of them. But I also understand practicality, and so my toothbrush has remained on my bathroom counter top looking garishly bright and juvenile in comparison to the rest of it's suroundings. Until...

I was at my beloved Trader Joe's and looking at all of their personal/beauty products to see if I needed anything and out popped these toothbrushes by Preserve that bestilled my heart! (Also available at "Amazon)It was white, a simple design AND (bonus!!!) environmentally friendly. I was so thrilled that I bought one to try. Despite it's good looks, it had to be a good brusher as well. I have been using it for several weeks now and have to say I love it's function almost more than it's looks. It curves outward contrary to most other brushes. I thought this might be awkward to hold or reach my teeth, but it is quite the opposite. Here are some details on it's origins:

• 100% recycled plastics in handle, at least 25% recycled Stonyfield Farm« yogurt cups.
• Tri-level virgin nylon bristles with softer outer rows to protect your gums and tooth enamel.
• Curved handle, developed with dental professionals, for an effective and thorough cleaning.
• Preserve Toothbrush and packaging are completely recyclable with our postage-paid mailer (included with each order).
• Packaging is reusable travel case with ventilation holes.

"The Preserve Toothbrush was developed by dentists and engineers to be a high performance brush - and from the start, it and its packaging are designed to have minimal impact on our Earth's resources. Through our innovative recycling partnership with Stonyfield Farm«, we source at least 25% of our handle plastic from recycled yogurt cups. The Preserve's packaging is not only a reusable carrying case, but the materials are wood-based plastics from renewable forests. When you are finished with your Preserve toothbrush, use our postage-paid mailer to recycle your used Preserve and case into plastic lumber products, like park benches."

If you are a colorful brush kind of person, they do come in several vibrant colors that are sure to please. I like that even the colorful ones are one solid color. So brush in natural bliss and feel good that once your toothbrush has taken care of your pearly whites, it won't do more harm to the landfills.


Marija said...
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Marija said...

Only in blogland can you find someone else who would get as excited about a chic toothbrush! You have found her! You can bet I will be picking one up at Trader Joe's! Thanks for the tip! Marija