Homemade Marshmallows: So Sweet!

For years I have been wanting to try to make homemade marshmallows and for one reason or other I have never gotten around to it. My husband loves marshmallows and will buy a bag just to eat plain...hmmm. Not really my thing, but he loves it so I thought making him some for valentines day would be a fun treat.

After all those years of procrastination, they were the simplest of things to make. Some gelatin, corn syrup (not the best for you I know) and sugar and you have yummy marshmallows. And there is no comparison to the artificial texture of the store bought ones. They are like fluffy pillows of gooey heaven. I made my husband some hot chocolate in the morning and placed some of the marshmallows cut out in heart shapes (sorry, they were consumed before I could get a photo of them). We don't celebrate valentine's day with grand affairs, but the small little gestures are what counts.

I made simple vanilla flavored ones this time, but the flavoring possibilities are endless. See Martha Stewart here for the recipe and other ideas. Also, here is my simple recipe for an instant at home 100 calorie mocha with no espresso machine required. It's a great substitute when you are trying to cut back on spending your hard earned cash at Starbucks. And I use all natural ingredients to avoid as many artificial additives as possible.

100 Calorie All Natural AND Instant Mocha:

2 tablespoons Organic Hot Cocoa from Trader Joe's
.5 - 1 teaspoon instant coffee ( I use Trader Joe's or the Starbucks Via one is good but pricier)
4 tablespoons All Natural Whip Cream (any all natural one will do and they have the same calorie and fat content than the artificial ones. Aka Reddi Whip)

Place your cocoa and instant coffee in your favorite mug, mix just enough boiling water to mix the cocoa and coffee, add the whip cream and mix again. Then add the rest of the boiling water and mix. For an extra special treat add a homemade marshmallow on top. I just did and it made it that much yummier!

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Stacy said...

I can't wait to make these! I heard they are delicious from mom! I found a really good recipe for hot chocolate from Cook's Illustrated that I want to try with the marshmellows as well! Thanks Jessica for the great ideas!