Vintage Picnic Basket Holding it's Weight

Holy mother of greyness! I just finished drying my hair (I rarely do these days) and as I was drying I saw all these grey hairs...more than the usual. Eeeck! I may look like a ratty Chihuahua with my hair up in a wad every day, but at least I am living in an ignorant grey-free bliss. So I had to blog today to make myself feel somewhat in-the-know and young(er) again. The two pimples on my face are helping me feel a bit younger too. Junior High here I come again!

I wouldn't say this is the most hip of ideas or objects, but it is my recent obsession. I have really been in to baskets lately and I think it stems from trying to create some sort of order in my life AND keep things tucked away and out of reach from my increasingly curious daughter. This is my favorite basket find I have in the house right now. And it turns out, it was right under my nose hidden in our pantry. It was my grandfather's old picnic basket that I snagged years back after he passed away. I am sure there are a ton of stories that go along with it, but sadly he isn't around to tell them. Some of my favorite pieces I own are of my grandparents on both sides. Just by looking at them, you can see that they have had more adventures than the average person. At the moment, I am using this basket to hold all of my workout weights away from little one-year-old hands. Viv has been curious to lift the lid to see what's inside, but after falling in and not being able to get out, I think the scare was just enough to keep her at bay.

I am constantly repurposing things around the home as our lives evolve. If it's something that is of good quality and design it can have as many lives and stories as we can find for it. I encourage you to always think of what you have in your home that could use a new life. Who knows, maybe your grandchildren will have it one day and treasure it as well.

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