Wheely Bug: Big Fun for Little Ones

If this is not the cutest children's ride-on toy I have ever seen! We got Viv the cow Wheely Bug from Prince Lion Heart for Christmas and she has the cutest smile when we push her around on it. Her legs are still a little too short for her to push herself, but she is close. And we got her the small one! I am tempted every time I see the little thing to go scooting around myself, but don't want to find out in horror that I crushed it. I have managed to stay away, but I think it's only because my knees are too creaky to bend down that far now.

They come in small and large for older kids and in addition to the cow, they come in a lady bug, bumble bee and mouse. All four are equally cute. I found mine on Amazon. Also, what I love about them is they are very well made, easy to clean and light weight to carry around. It is something that will definitely last through much use and is something I would save to pass down. The only issue I have with it is they don't make one for grown ups!!!


Andrea said...

we were tempted to buy one of these but our daughter is slightly older and so we opted for the plasma car instead...and it is adult safe. it's so much fun we are contemplating buying another so i can ride side by side with our little one. the only downfall....they aren't nearly as cute!!!

Jessica said...

Which is the plasma car? I haven't heard of that one. When she is a little older, I want to get her a tricycle hybrid sort of thing, but not sure what kind to get. I am not one for big plastic things so it requires more hunting.

Unknown said...

my twins really love their wheely bugs and they are the only thing that keeps them occupied for more than five minates, they have a lady bird and a bee and even after playing bumper cars in my kitchen and playroom for what feels like hours they are holding up ok. Usually toys don't last this long in our house with two children so they are very sturdy.
great simplistic designs and really fun once the children are on them, going round and round bumpy off things.