Reclaimed Wood: Floors, Tables and...Walls?

My husband and I went out to dinner last night to Frank's Oyster House and Champagne Parlor and what a treat! It was a low-key evening there, but it was a Tuesday so what can you expect. The vibe was ultra cool and not something you see everyday. What really caught my eye was the floor to ceiling panels of reclaimed wood. They were all in different shades, widths and depths. The overall effect when looking from afar was almost like zebra wood which is uber cool and elegant. However, when looking closely, it was very rustic and casual. I thought it was a fantastic idea and something that could easily be translated in to the home. A small powder room would be amazing with this treatment, paired with some crystal chandelier pendents - can you imagine?! Hmmm...we have a small bathroom downstairs that isn't finished. Wonder if I could apply this idea down there? The hamster is spinning on his wheel ;)

Another room I could see it in, is a basement family room that needed some character. Add some white porcelain antlers to the wall accompanied by a painted antique occasional chair in a modern fabric and you have some major style going on! The possibilities are endless.

Aside from the visual appeal reclaimed wood offers, we forget where this wood once stood. It often is from old barns that hold a multitude of american farming tales and history. See this site on "Old-Barn-Wood" for a little more history. What a cool conversation piece to have in your home.

Oh, did I mention the food was delicious too?

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