Burlap Sacks: Not Just for Potatoes

I have been seeing these vintage looking burlap sacks made in to pillows lately and am intrigued by them. They have ranged from rice to wine sacks that maintain the graphics on them. I think they give off such a cool casual vibe that I am itching for a place to include them in our house. Maybe when our office/family room is complete and I can get some additional upholstered chairs they could look good in there. But perhaps by then I will have moved on to something else, but I still think these are super cool. The one pictured above is from Wisteria, but as I said before, I have been seeing them more and more. Whether they are all authentic or not is not certain, but that part doesn't bother me. If I could get my hands on some old burlap sacks of my own I would make some myself, but...

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