Calendars: More than Just a Time Keeper

I have done this for many of the places I have lived and still think it's a great way to recycle old calendars you love as well as have some economical art work around your home. After a calendar has finished it's year and you still love the pictures, who says you have to get rid of it? Simply pick a few of your favorite months and have them framed to put on your walls.

I really don't understand why custom framing is sooooo expensive and I can't get myself to spend the money on it, especially when the actual artwork itself is not of great value. So I will find every way around it, but still end up with nicely framed art. My solution is to take your picture/calendar to your local frame shop and have some custom mats cut and then pick out some stock frames. This way you get the custom look, but without the high costs.

With the picture shown, I had a calendar that I chose specifically for our bedroom. I picked out a linen looking mat, had them cut to size and then picked out some simple frames. I couldn't find a style and color that I liked all in one so I decided to paint them to achieve the look I wanted. I chose a champagne colored paint to pick up the lamp shades and also it is subtle enough that it doesn't make the already boxed in space too busy. The mats were about $17 each to have cut, the frames were 2 for $20 and then the paint was about $8. So all in all I only spend $69 for a custom look for two pieces - not too shabby!!

So save your calendars this year!

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