Save the Date! Custom Calendar Display

Continuing on my organizing kick, I found this great system at the craft store last week. I have been looking for some sort of calendar/magnet board system to hang inside our pantry door so my husband and I can readily see what events we have coming up...well, mainly my husband since I am the official calendar for the two of us and he just checks in with me to see if we have anything going on.

At any rate, I had been looking at the Pottery Barn organizing systems they have and I didn't feel like spending that much money nor have the space available for their size. It could have worked, but I was dragging my heals in purchasing one. Thank goodness I did because I was at Ben Franklin (a local Washington craft store) last week and ran across this whole do-it-yourself customizable system they had displayed. Everything was cut to size and any option conceivable such as cork board, metal sheets for magnets, white boards and an erasable preprinted calendar. Accompanying these, were square black 24" frames to fit. And they were not too big so they would fit perfectly on the small wall in our pantry (a place I know my husband will frequent!). So for $37 I got the two frames, one for the magnetic board to hold all invites and such, and the other for the erasable calendar to keep our monthly appointments in view. I couldn't be happier! My one gripe though is that I am left handed and have a hard time writing on the calendar without clearing everything I had just wrote...a life long battle of the lefties.

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MGNV-ComeGrowWithUs said...

Could you reveal the name of the company that makes the do-it-yourself bulletin boards? Went to my local craft store yesterday and they had nothing like it.