Keeping it in the Family

I have always treasured items passed down by my grandparents. They offer a piece of their past and history. And they also have a flair of craftsmanship and style that can't be found today. I have a vintage chest and mirror from one grandmother, china and jewelry from another and one of the most unique treasures I have are some old sketches of my grandmothers.

Dorothy Goldthorp (maiden name Oliver) was a talented painter and artist and most well known for her oil and water color painted landscapes. However, when we were cleaning out my grandparents house a few years ago I came across rolls of her figure sketches that I believe would have eventually turned in to paintings. The paper had aged and tattered and some weren't quite finished - all the better in my mind. They were the first things I wanted to keep and the rest of my family had already put them in the "get rid of" pile. They are treasure chest. Her sketched speak so clearly of the times in the early 1900's with the clothing and poses. I knew imediatly that I wanted to display them in my home some day.

I have since framed three of them, the earliest sketch dating back to 1926! I wanted to keep the integrity of the aged sketch paper and the holes where she tacked them to her easel. So instead of placing a matte around the edges, I placed the matte behind the sketch and allowed the tattered edges to become part of the pieces history. I also used pewter brads to tack them to the matte complimented by a simple black frame for a modern touch.

I have many more I would like to frame, but for now these will satisfy me. These will be something I am sure to pass down to my children. And to think they were going in to the trash!!

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