Big Change with Little Effort

One thing that I think gets overlooked in the whole design scheme when we are putting together a room is our lamp shades. And I am just as guilty at forgetting this. I have always just accepted the shade that the lamp comes with and never looked back.

Well, we got these lamps as a wedding gift that I love and the cream shades are perfectly fine, but as our bedroom has been coming together, the shades just seemed to be non desrcript. I tried to gussy them up with a little grosgrain ribbon around the top and bottom, but after adding in some additional textures, I was noticing that there was too much light and dark contrasting elements going on. So then I decided to add some warmth with a caramel colored shade that is neither too dark or too light and will set off nicely with the wall behind. So for $36 a piece at Pottery Barn, I have a whole vibe to the room. Ahhh! Just what the room needed!

From now on, I don't think I will just accept what my lamp comes with and consider additional options - it could be just what the room was looking for.

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CML Wife said...

Jessica -

I need some bedside lamps and have not found what I'm looking for yet. Any suggestions on where I should look for great deals and (if possible) great selection on some bedside lamps?