Healthy Chewy Granola Bars! And Na-Tee-Na Recipe Cards Too!

I have been busy working on adding items to my Etsy site and one of the newest additions I will be posting later today are some editable recipe cards.

One of the inspirations to create these were some chewy granola bars I made and wanted to share the recipe with friends. But a plain ol' typed email recipe just wouldn't do! ;)

First off, I was looking for a chewy and healthy granola bar to give to my girls instead of buying them with all the additives they put in them these days. And the chewy part was important because my littlest just has a mere 7.5 teeth and no molars.

I found a recipe that I thought would be a good starting point and after several trials and tribulations, I came up with this one you see on my Etsy Editable Recipe Card that I am sharing with you today. I substituted the butter for coconut oil, most of the sugar for brown rice syrup, chocolate chips for dates and figs, and then used graham flower instead of white flour. All in all, I have to say they are pretty good and my girls like them too. Kid tested, mother approved as they say.

The cards come two to a page and you can type in your recipe in the PDF and then simply print on card stock and trim. A great way to hand down your favorite recipes or for gifts...and everyone will be able to read your writing!