Nook Revamped

We've had a few home projects going on around our house lately. One of them that is checked off the list is the addition to our kitchen nook. I am thrilled with the end result too! I have been pondering our existing blank abd boring space for years and was amiss at what I really wanted for that space. I searched high and low for the right buffet or long cabinet, but nothing fit the bill size-wise or style-wise. Finally I stumbled across a photo from Elle Decor from their Miami showcase addition and it hit me - an aha moment! With a few adjustments to the design I knew it would look great in our space as well as blend with the style of our home.

I am ultra fortunate to have an amazingly handy husband and father-in-law so some of the monumental projects are a possibility for us. Over a few weeks my husband worked in the evenings getting the chalkboard wall just perfect, sprayed the cabinets with a prefect finish of paint and aligned the porcelain sconces just so. Oh, and one of the coolest features...there is a TV hiding below and comes up with a touch of a button! I'll love this when we are entertaining and there is a game on that all the guys want to huddle around to watch.

Now that I have lived with the cabinets and wall for about a month now, I have a hard time picturing how BORING the nook was before! I have yet to write on the wall, but will as soon as I am inspired. Maybe our next party I'll put the menu for the evening on the wall.

Such drastic changes creates a snowball effect of other purchases, right? Now I am shopping for a rustic round table (kid proof), modern white chairs (easily wipe clean!!!), and a Flor rug under the table.

Next project: finish our office cabinetry!!

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