Etsy Launch & Free Printable Mother's Day Card - Oh My!

The last several weeks have been quite busy. Not only did I have my friend's shower I was putting together, but I decided to start a little shop on Etsy called Na-Tee-Na. Timing-wise, I don't know what got in to me, but I was inspired and sometimes when inspiration hits, you just have to go for it regardless of good or bad timing.

I was creating some applique onesies for my friend's shower gift and it struck me that I could sell the templates so others can print them out and make their own variations of my designs with different fabrics. Once that idea got going, I realized that over the last several years of hosting parties and birthdays, I have started to gather quite the collection of invitations and printables that are sadly sitting in no mans land files. I created them out of love for the ones who were being honored and thought it was a shame for them to never be used again. So why not add them to my little shop as well and people can purchase the templates to print themselves?!

So Na-Tee-Na was born and I have been feverishly trying to add and create in my limited spare time. The name Na-Tee-Na came from the game I have been playing with my little girls when I change their cute bums on the changing pad. In greek, Na Tee Na means "there she is" (or loosely based on). It has been our peek-a-boo game and will always hold fond memories for me as the girls grow older.

To celebrate the launch, I am giving a free printable download for a Mother's Day card to share with your moms. Please check out my Etsy site and I hope you enjoy the designs as much as I do! I will be adding more items as the weeks and months continue too!

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