Santa's Helper: Stocking Photos

I wanted to get one last post in before Christmas because I think this is a handy little idea for stockings. I grew up with a stocking that my mom made and embroidered all of our names on them. If you are like me and not so inclined to make your stockings, let alone embroider them, this is a cute idea so everyone knows who's stocking is who's. And more importantly, so Santa doesn't get them confused!

I found these mini silver frames last year at Restoration Hardware (unfortunately they don't have the exact same ones that are as small) after looking here and there for a bit and they are perfect! I printed one photo of each of us in black and white and then hung them on our stockings. The fun thing with this, is that you can change up the photos every year if you like with goofy photos, or as your kids grow and no longer look like that sweet little baby they once were. My personal photo may be ever eternal at my age now.

I hope you find this useful - I know Santa will!

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