Birds in Flight Mobile

Ok, if I can just get back on the blog train. Ever since Vivienne was born I feel like I am not out in the "real" world to find inspirations to post about. Everything is focused around her - finding the best baby bowl, toys, clothes, etc...I have become such a mom!!! When did that happen? Oh yeah, 11 months ago.

So this post isn't straying from the baby bubble I am in, but well...here it is. I have a crafty heart, but when it comes to actually doing crafts I tend to shy away because I don't want to deal with all the mess and sometimes it costs more to make something than going out and buying it. However, I wanted to make something for my daughter before she was born and I couldn't find a mobile I could stomach so my mobile idea was "born".

I wanted to incorporate birds in to her nursery to go along with the nature/branch theme I was creating. I used heavy wool fabric for the birds with contrasting yarn in a whip stitch. They were super simple and I could make it up as I went along (my kind of craft!). My husband then went out in the backyard to hunt for the perfect straight sticks to hang the stuffed birds from. It's been many months now that Vivienne's mobile has been hanging from her crib and I don't' know how much she gazes up at her mobile and thanks her mom for taking the time to make something so sweet just for her...but I feel good as her mom that I made something for my sweet pea. Oh and it cost less than $10!

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